Habras Disc Pro DSC Kit 14

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HABRAS Discs are wheel shaped brushes. They consist of soft polyamide in which abrasives are
embedded. The discs, with their color, unique design and harmonized abrasives serve to enhance their
effectiveness. Fine grinding, to pre-polishing and up to high shine polishing, these flexible tools have
multiple application possibilities. Denture acrylics, composites and precious metal alloys can be treated
without any additional compound. For the framework, we recommend HABRAS Disc Pro. For use on
dental ceramics only the yellow discs comes into operation.
903 14 HP(blue) fine 
904 14 HP(pink) very fine 
905 14 HP(white) medium
These Disc are suitable for:
-Palladium -base
-Gold casting alloy
-Precious Metal

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Habras Disc Pro DSC Kit 14

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