Scotch-Brite with Removable Rings

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HATHO Abrasive Trimming Wheels constructed with high-quality 3M Scotch Brite ™ material are used on the conical spindle of a polishing unit. The abrasive wheels, consisting of either two or four layers are stabilized by the HATHO patented removable ring system. This tool permits for a work process at a reduced rpm, greatly increasing the life span of the discs. HATHO Abrasive Trimming Wheels are used for smoothing borders and large surface areas, like that of base plates and trays made of light cure and self-cure resin. Mouth guards and splints from thermoplastics can also be easily trimmed with our abrasive
trimming wheels.
250/80 VL/2(Brown)Coarse
251/80 VL/2(Grey)Medium
255/80 VL/2(Purple)Fine

Maximum Speed:2,800 rpm
These Discs are available for:
-Acrylic Teeth

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Scotch-Brite with Removable Rings

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